Intensive TB Testing, Electrocardiogram, and Other Diagnostic Tests

Occu-Health in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, performs various diagnostic tests to ensure occupational health and safety. We offer the following tests:

Chest X-Ray

Diagnostic Testing:
• TB Testing
• Electrocardiogram
• OSHA Respirator Qualification
• Audiograms
• Pulmonary Function Testing
• Chest X-Rays, including "B" Reader

Laboratory Testing:
• Blood Testing
• Deleader Annual Blood Profiling
• PCBs
• Hepatitis Titer
• Cadmium Levels Testing
• Arsenic Testing
• Deleader Periodic Lead/ZPP Testing
• Mercury Testing
• Methylene Chloride Testing
• DNA Collections

Be safe from viral or bacterial infections. Protect yourself from severe complications by having a vaccine for the following:

• Hepatitis A and B • Tetanus • Rabies • Flu

Contact us in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, for TB testing and other diagnostic
and laboratory tests to detect any illness or disease and prevent it from becoming worse.

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